Will there be a second batch? When will it be ready?

Yes, and a third one and so on. We are aiming to start shipping more units by August 2024.

Where can I buy the Metal Fetishist?

Check the Retailers section on this website.

I am in the USA. Where can I buy the Metal Fetishist?

This is the question I receive the most. At this point Body Synths does not have a retailer in the USA but I hope that changes soon. I'd suggest asking nicely to your favourite synthesizer shop and see if they are interested in supplying some units.

I want to review the Metal Fetishist. Can you send me a unit?

At this point I don’t have a budget for promotional units. This will probably change soon so feel free to get in touch anyway.

Is the Metal Fetishist analog or digital?

The sound engine is 100% digital and it's built on Electrosmith's Daisy Seed.