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Metal Fetishist Questions and Answers

I am using an external LFO to modulate some Metal Fetishist parameters and it seems to only react to positive CV

That's true. The CV interface uses unipolar signals of 0-5V for both inputs and outputs. Most Eurorack LFOs are bipolar and use -5V to +5V. If you want to use external modulation sources you may need to pre-attenuate signals that cross avobe 5V and positively offset signals that go below 0V.

How do I update the firmware? Where is the USB connector?

We are currently working on firmware updates that will include bug fixes and new features. It is true that the current design of the Metal Fetishist does not include an exposed USB port available from the outside. But there's one inside the instrument that becomes accessible by removing the 6 screws of the enclosure. When the time comes we will publish a Firmware page with all the instructions.

External MIDI Clock advances the sequencer one bar a time. That seems to be too slow for some use cases.

The Tempo knob follows the external clock as-is when pointing upwards (that's a division of 24 PPQ for MIDI), but then offers a clock divider when turning counter clock-wise (/2, /4, /8). The plan from the beggining has been to also include a clock multiplier when turning it clock-wise (x2, x4, x8). This multiplier will be added as a firmware update in the future, bundled together with other cool features that are currently in development.

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